Congress failed Dreamers again — what’s next in NY

February 16, 2018

Yesterday, after voting on several Dream Act proposals, Congress failed again to solve the crisis Trump created for young immigrants when he ended DACA.

As Jews for Dreamers, our strategy is clear: if we’re going to end Trump’s deportation machine, we need to mobilize the American Jewish community to elect a Congress that will protect immigrants.

On Sunday, March 4, in New York, we’re kicking off eight months of voter engagement with a training to give you the skills and community to make an impact this November. Will you join us for our 2018 elections training?

TRAINING: How to make an impact on the 2018 elections

When: Sunday, March 4, 1:00-5:30pm
Where: Midtown Manhattan — RSVP for the exact address
What: Join Bend the Arc: New York Chapter members from across the state to build relationships and kick off our 2018 electoral work. We’ll dig into Bend the Arc’s strategy, train you in tangible skills like how to canvass and phone bank, and learn about how to do electoral work with a racial justice lens.
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Last week, over 300 Jews and allies joined actions across New York (some in the snow!) to say we demand justice for Dreamers and all undocumented immigrants as part of a national Jewish mobilization for Dreamers.

At the Manhattan action, we read the words of Claudia, a Dreamer from Utah: “I am a human; I am 1 of the 800,000 dreamers who thrive for a better future. America is my home.”

Claudia’s words reminded me of my grandfather Sidney, a Polish immigrant who came to America after surviving the Holocaust.

My grandpa Sid taught me: we can never forget the humanity of all people — when we do, horrific tragedy is allowed to flourish. It’s part of what inspires me to organize Jewish communities for justice now.

Over the past several months, I’ve seen the power of the Jewish resistance when we rise up with love and solidarity: we’ve mobilized thousands of phone calls, committed a large-scale civil disobedience in our nation’s capital, and planned solidarity actions across the country.

Now we’re taking our moral outrage and turning it into electoral power to build a government that shares our vision of a country where everyone is free to live with safety and dignity.

Join us on Sunday, March 4, in Manhattan to get the training you need to bring the Jewish resistance to the 2018 midterm elections.

PS: Read more about two weeks of #LetMyPeopleStay, when thousands of Jews across the country raised their voices for Dreamers, and then join us in New York on March 4 as we launch 8 months of strategic action to build electoral power.