Dear Rep. Lowey: For a sweet new year, we must #DefundHate

Dear Rep. Lowey: For a sweet new year, we must #DefundHate

During these Days of Awe our Jewish communities will say: “We remember and we reject attacks on immigrants.” As your Jewish constituents, we call on you to join us in that commitment. As the Chair of the House Appropriations committee, you must do everything in your power to oppose increases to funding for ICE and CBP and introduce key mechanisms of oversight and accountability to their spending. 

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This year, on the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, American Jews are mourning and taking action to stop attacks on immigrant families.

At the same time, the Trump administration is continuing to ask Congress for billions more dollars to escalate its cruelty on immigrant families and communities — including raids, cages, more family separation. On the holiest days of the Jewish year, how can we ask for forgiveness while our government commits crimes against immigrants in our names?

As the Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, Representative Lowey alongside other Members of Congress can help jam the gears of the deportation machine by increasing spending accountability and restricting funding to ICE and CBP, the rogue agencies that carry out Trump’s cruel immigration policies. 

As Rep. Lowey’s Jewish constituents, we can do our part by raising our collective voices so she knows we will unequivocally have her support when she acts boldly. Add your name to the holiday card urging Rep. Lowey to #DefundHate to usher in a sweet new year.