Photos from yesterday's action at Zeldin & Bannon's fundraiser

Friend —

Yesterday we lit a series of Hanukkah candles outside Jewish Congressman Lee Zeldin’s fundraiser — one candle each for Compassion, Justice, Equity, Inclusion, Dignity, Safety, Respect, and Solidarity. These are our values, and I know they’re yours too.

Thank you to everyone who took action with us to hold Rep. Zeldin accountable for choosing Steve Bannon to headline his fundraiser. Whether you signed the national petition, joined the delivery at Zeldin’s Long Island office, protested last night in Manhattan, or tuned in to our livestreams — we’re grateful to be resisting together and holding every Member of Congress who enables white supremacy accountable.

Let’s keep this momentum going into 2018 — can you help our movement grow with an $18 donation today?

This week, we delivered over 5,000 petition signatures to Jewish Congressman Lee Zeldin’s office demanding he disinvite Steve Bannon from his fundraiser.

When he didn’t listen, we crashed the fundraising party to say NO to white supremacy and hold him accountable for siding with Bannon.

Here’s the truth: If we didn’t step up to hold Rep. Zeldin accountable, there would not have been a Jewish voice channeling our community’s outrage into political power.

This is why Bend the Arc’s work matters in the era of Trump more than ever. Our vision for 2018 is to go bigger — to double our number of local groups, our online action takers, and our campaigns to hold Members of Congress accountable.

If you’re as inspired by our vision of a prophetic Jewish Resistance, can you chip in to make it happen?

Donate $18 today to Bend the Arc to grow the Jewish Resistance.

Today and repeatedly over the past two weeks since we launched this effort, Rep. Zeldin has awoken to see news stories about the outrage of his Jewish constituents. In addition to local news coverage in The New York Jewish Week, Patch News, Smithtown Matters, and the East Hampton Star, we had national coverage in The Independent, Raw Story, Forward, and Newsday. We know Members of Congress heard our outcry, as did Rep. Zeldin — after all, he was forced to hold his fundraiser in secret.

This is one way we can mobilize our community to fight back and win: by empowering local Jewish leaders to take bold action to reject Trump and white supremacy, and then amplifying it through a network of Jews and allies resisting across the country.

Imagine more campaigns like this happening in every corner of the country, more elected officials being held accountable, more progressive Jews rising up together — that’s our vision at Bend the Arc, and we need your help to make it real.

Help us spread the light: Chip in $18 to power the Jewish Resistance in 2018 all across the country.

In solidarity,

Kayla Glick, Field Organizer

PS: For some Hanukkah inspiration, you can watch our livestream from yesterday’s action on Facebook.